Is Group Fitness for you?

Is Group Fitness for you?

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Group Fitness is a generic term for an instructed exercise classes with more than one person in attendance. (Mind blowing huh?).

With such a diverse range of classes available here on the North Shore alone, deciding if the group fitness approach is right for you can take a little bit of trial and error. Fitness facilities that offer group fitness classes generally have the same goal: providing a sustainable and effective form of exercise for their members.

Time and time again group fitness has proved itself as an incredibly effective way of keeping gym goers engaged. With a higher retention rate and increased attendance, group fitness has helped millions of people worldwide get fitter, stronger and healthier. While group fitness classes aren’t for everyone, the community like approach that group fitness provides has been making huge ripples in the fitness industry. This has led to all sorts of new weird and wonderful forms of group fitness popping up all over the place.

So why does it work? Well, group fitness seems to provide 3 main benefits:


A big obstacle for the majority of gym goers and fitness enthusiasts alike is a lack of knowledge as to what exercises they should be doing and how they should be doing them. Group fitness allows you to turn up and just focus on training as the class instructor or coach will design your workout and watch over you to ensure you are performing your exercises both safely and effectively.

*Did you know our Group Fitness classes here at TOMFIT Gym were designed to imitate Group Personal training sessions? We keep our classes small so that you get to spend more time under the watchful eye of one of our world class coaches.

Many of us struggle with sticking to our training routine and in turn, we fall of the wagon with our health and fitness goals. Group fitness classes often become like small fitness families and the idea of missing a session with your work \out buddies can become a big enough trigger to ensure we are making it in for those sessions that we may miss if we were training alone. A good group fitness coach will also remember when a member has missed a handful of classes and get in touch to see if they can get the member back in.

A problem shared is a problem halved. The thought of exercise can be a daunting one, having a bunch of others around you who are about to tackle the same workout can make the challenge seem more exciting and achievable. Completing the session and handing out hi-5’s makes the accomplishment that much more rewarding.

So how do you know if group fitness is for you?
Well if you are someone that struggles to stay on track with your training routine or if you are finding yourself getting bored of the same old workouts then we recommend you give it a try. Have a look around and then just jump on in to a class that you think you may enjoy!

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