Are you making the most out of your time in the gym?

Are you making the most out of your time in the gym?

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Ask yourself that are you making the most out of your time in the gym? Is the hard work and effort you are putting in giving you results?

For example: You have joined the gym, you have your goal and you have the motivation to get in there and get to work.

For 3 months you go in to the gym regularly and work your butt off, leave the gym a sweating mess and head home for a healthy meal. You then book in for your check in with a  personal trainer who has to break it to you that you haven’t improved your body composition at all over the last 3 months. You head home deflated, sad and feeling like you have just wasted the last 3 months. You start to lose motivation and end up skipping gym session after gym session until you are now just sponsoring your local gym. Sound familiar?

Are you headed in the right direction?

The issue here is lack of direction. You can jump in the worlds fastest vehicle and put your foot to the floor but if you don’t know how to reach your destination you’re never going to get there. Same thing applies with training and eating for a fitness goal. Hard work is great but the point where hard work meets direction is when the magic happens and great results are achieved.

How can you get the direction you need to achieve your goals?

Simple really, reach out to fitness professional. Some gyms (like us here at TOMFIT) offer some form of joining package that will set you off in the right direction. I cannot stress  enough how much more effective your hard work will be if you utilise the knowledge and guidance offered to you in such circumstances. Get a plan that is customized to you, your goals and your lifestyle. Execute the plan under the watchful eye of someone who has helped hundreds of others realise their goals and create an honest communication loop with your personal trainer so they can provide you the best advice possible.

Make it count

Work smart, work hard and reap the benefits. Remember to ask your trainer any questions you may have and treat your personal training experience like an educational program and you will be set up to make great progress long after you and your trainer stop working together.

So start today make sure you are making the most out of your time in the gym!