Group personal training is back

Group personal training is back

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Group Personal training. All the value, a fraction of the cost!

Group fitness classes have come back and hit the fitness industry with full force over the last few years. For good reason too, whilst group fitness comes with a higher price point it seems to (at least from the outside) more than pay that back in value.

Group Fitness has statistically been proven to have better retention than standard gyms and this seems to predominantly be due to the added community aspect that it provides. Members thrive when working with other like minded individuals and the friendships and support networks built in the group class format provide better accountability, increased enjoyment and a feeling of “we’re in this together” that so many of us crave.

Here at TOMFIT we have always had a huge focus on creating a supportive and friendly community, our goal is and always has been to be your “home away from home”. So when the opportunity to open our own group fitness facility presented itself we jumped on in, it was a no brainer for us. However, with a highly competitive market around us, we needed to go to the drawing board and piece together a structure and core system that both represents our values and provides unparalleled service and results to our members.

In 2019 TGFC (TOMFIT GROUP FITNESS CENTRE) was born. Much like many Group fitness services TGFC provides accountability, support and an awesome community. However, as you may be aware, we aren’t happy with being “normal” so we had to stamp the TOMFIT mark on to our new group fitness service. We did this by filling what believe to be the biggest voids in the Group fitness sector: Results focused training, smaller class size and education.

Whilst group fitness has some huge upsides, the execution is more often than not lacklustre. Classes look more like dance routines than a well structured training plan and this as you can imagine leads to sub optimal results. Couple this with the fact that most classes are run by novice coaches with limited experience in the industry and you are looking at a service with a whole lot of unfulfilled potential.

Enter our newest addition to TGFC…. “Group Personal Training”. We feel like this service is a missed trick and we are incredibly excited to see the impact it has on our members. This new class will provide all of the unbeatable benefits of personal training and merge them with highly sought after community aspect that normal group fitness classes provide.

With smaller numbers in classes and professionally designed training plans that follow results driven progression method we are looking to make the results associated with personal training affordable for EVERYONE.

Want to find out more? Keep an eye out on our socials! We will be sharing some exciting news!