The beginning of Tomfit dates back to 2009 when Tommy Bellman established a small personal training studio on Apollo drive. Tommy – personal trainer himself as well as training coach and trainer of the trainers knew what makes the essence of great fitness facility environment and with a team of couple personal trainers started building a great team and changing peoples lives.
Along the way Tommy met Radek and they became best friends and decided they would love to open a business together due to their compatible personalities and complimenting skills. Radek had a background in business and experience from working for companies such as Nike or operating his own restaurant. Tommy on the other hand had a plentiful experience in the health & fitness industry and so in 2014 they decided to put their skills together and open the Tomfit Gym in Holder Place the way we know it today. Tommy is currently running the World’s #1 Self Development Program for Men who want to Win & Succeed in Life called Mantastic and is based in Australia. Radek owns the gym in Auckland and they remain best friends and love catching up on a regular basis.
tommy and radek tomfit
Radek Tomfit
Radek’s fitness journey started over a decade ago when he found himself very overweight and unhappy abut his health. He decided to take matters in his own hands and with the help of the world class trainers here at TOMFIT he managed to loose a massive 30kg in just 6 months. This however, was just the beginning. With the momentum he built from achieving his first big health and fitness goal Radek continued his journey by exercising regularly under the supervision of trainers, ate properly and enjoyed participating in sports he loves. This allowed him to keep maintaining and improving his fitness over the years. Radek is a passionate snowboarder and runner, completing various trail races, marathon as well as spending time in mountains around the world pursuing his passion.
TOMFIT was setup with the goal of creating a fun, community based fitness centre, with a great culture that makes you feel like you have a home away from home. TOMFIT is a place where everyone knows your name, where you get educated on how to eat and exercise, and most

importantly get great results amongst a group of like minded friends. We treat our members the way we want to be treated – as friends.


Our philosophy is that you have to enjoy and live your life and have fun, but also take care of yourself. We believe that you are effectively the CEO of your own life and that your biggest asset isn’t your house or your car but its actually you! We are also a big believers that when you strengthen your body, you strengthen your mind and character, and the flow on effect helps you achieve the most amazing things in all areas of your life.


We set out to be the best and friendliest 24/7 Gym, Personal Training and Group Fitness Facility in Auckland. We pride ourselves in being the most energetic, professional and friendly team of 20+ fitness professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact on peoples lives.


Transformation and Inspiration:
We are committed to helping people change their body and life and become their best selves.

Education and Support:
We are committed to teaching you how to eat and exercise and provide the the support to help you achieve your goals.

We are committed to making tomfit a second home to our tomfit family. we don’t have members – we have a family

Extra Mile Attitude:
Good old fashioned customer service. we go the extra mile to take care of the tomfit family.

Constant and Never Ending Improvement (cani):
We are always striving to be better and take things to the next level and encourage others to do the same.

Realness and Authenticity:
We are not a copy we are genuine. so are the people.

Giving Back:
We give back to the people we owe our success too.


“Best gym I’ve been to. They treat you like a family and not just a customer. The staff always go the extra mile to provide the best service.

The classes are amazing; they really feel like having a PT at a fraction of the cost. Knowledgeable and friendly trainers. A gym like no other!”

Alisha Fox

“100% best gym in Auckland! Very welcoming community which makes you fit in right away. All staff members and the management team are incredibly supportive and helpful. Plus, the facilities and equipment are high standard.

You will not regret coming to this place after getting the experience yourself. Great work guys!”

Alisha Fox