How to stay motivated when you join a gym

How to stay motivated when you join a gym

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Whether it’s sparked by a New Years resolution, a snarky comment from your significant other or the abrupt realisation that your health is all you really have, getting into (and staying in) an effective training routine can be difficult.

First let’s look at the most common reasons people lose interest in their training:

Lack of direction
Lack of progress
Gym intimidation (Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one)
Limited time availability

Financial strain


Now these are all very understandable and common reasons for everyday gym goers to give up on their health and fitness goals and resign to the fact that “next year will be the year”.  You are not a failure for letting these obstacles put the brakes on your hopes and dreams of being a fitter, stronger and healthier version of yourself. However, it is important that you remember they are just that, obstacles.

An overused but incredibly relevant quote comes to mind when we are presented with members experiencing these obstacles. Here it is “If you are waiting for the perfect conditions you will never get anything done”. Do you feel personally called out? I hope not because you are certainly not the only one that succumbs to these difficult situations.

The truth is, you are always going to face obstacles on your health and fitness journey. It’s all part of the parcel but to really achieve what you set out to achieve you must learn to treat them like speed bumps not impenetrable walls. Whether we are aware of it or not, we often subconsciously hope for these obstacles to arise so we have a “reason” to stop. When you flip the switch and start looking for a way to work around them, that is when the magic happens.

At the end of the day, motivation is a temporary and ever fleeting sensation that simply subsides with time. Discipline and a positive focus on what you really want to achieve coupled with an enjoyable and sustainable approach to your training and nutrition is what yields long term and life changing results!

– Don’t know what to do? Reach out to a fitness professional who can guide you on your journey.

– Not making progress? ^^^^^^^^ Take the guess work out.

– Intimidated by idea of going to the gym? Find a place that fits you! There are so many great health and fitness facilities out there.

– Injured? See a Physiotherapist and do what you can to rehab and work around the injuries.

– Short on time? Weigh up your priorities, you can do a lot with a small amount of time.

– Financial strain? Once again, weigh up your priorities. Is that $20 membership really the reason for your financial hardship? Life is a matter of priorities. How much do you value your health?

You don’t need to be great to start but you do need to start to be great. That was the last one liner I promise! Now go and think about what your health and fitness goals are, take action on them and embrace the obstacles as they arise.