What is the best way to get in shape?

What is the best way to get in shape?

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The fitness industry in 2021 looks very different from how it looked back in the early 2000’s. We now have an abundance 24 hour fitness centres, Gyms, Group fitness facilities and various other weird and wonderful services and facilities that promise to know the “right way” for you to get in great shape.

Crossfitter’s across the globe swear their training principles are the best way to fast track your results. Others argue that the only thing Crossfit fast tracks is your trip to the Physio.

On the opposing side, bodybuilders are often adamant that they in fact are the ones who know how to fast track your results. Others argue that the only thing bodybuilding does is fast track you into a life of narcissism.

So who’s right?
Well.. both of them and neither of them. In reality, there are a number of principles at play that lead to the great results both parties talk of. The aforementioned principles have no loyalty to your particular “brand” of training and they certainly don’t care if you are wearing the latest Reebok Nano’s or a Gold’s Gym stringer singlet.

When prescribing the “best” route for someone to achieve great results there are a number of important factors to take in to consideration.

What does the client actually want to achieve?
What’s the time availability of the client?
What does the client enjoy?
4) What limitations does the client have?
5) What is the client willing to invest into their goal?

It is natural for us as humans to be bias with our recommendations. If it worked amazingly for you it will work amazingly for everyone right? Unfortunately that’s not the case. While you may love the idea of your 65 year old nan with two hip replacements joining you for a high intensity bootcamp style group fitness class it’s probably going to bring her more harm than good.

So you have got to the bottom of the article and you’re probably wondering “Well, what is the best way to get in shape then?”Unfortunately I have to apologise, I can’t provide you the best way to get in shape in article with out any context on you and your health and fitness goals.

What I can provide you with is the awareness that there is no universal right way to get in shape. Don’t feel the need to get caught up in the hype of the latest training style or “super diet” and remember your fitness journey is exactly that… its YOURS!

Need help? Get in touch with one of our personal trainers who will sit down with you to help you devise a plan that is going to fit you, your heath and fitness goals and your lifestyle!