What even is the “right” way to get in shape?

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Welcome to the fitness industry, where everyone knows the “right” way to get in shape and your Aunties best friend knows a slimming secret that doctors don’t want getting out!

Getting in great shape is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself. You are left feeling more confident, happy and often fulfilled.  This means your are going to attach strong emotion to your amazing changes and you have every right to talk about your journey with others. You may inspire a good friend or family member to follow suit and live a happier, healthier life!

However, your best friends successful approach to health and fitness may NOT be the right route for you. The best approach for YOU is one that manipulates the fundamentals of training and nutrition to match your goals and fit with you and your lifestyle.

Keto may have worked a charm for Dave from work. Sarah may swear by intermittent fasting and Muscly Mike  may be adamant that you need to eat a meal every 2 hours to “stoke the metabolic fire” but who’s right? Which path are you supposed to follow?  This is where the issues occur.

You can get to the same destination by taking several different pathways. There isn’t always a “right” way or a “wrong” way to do things but for any given results there are number of fundamental principals at play (whether you know it or not!)

If you are left confused as to what the right approach for you is and are wanting to get results fast then, we have created a program specifically for people in your situation. The Tomfit Transformer 6 Week challenge was designed to focus on what we like to think is the magic formula: “Education + Nutrition + Exercise + Support = Results for life”.

Taking the guess work out of your specific approach will mean less worry and accelerated results! 

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