Recovery done properly.

Recovery done properly.

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Hi, My Names Daniel Griffiths. I am a Personal Trainer and a qualified Massage therapist.

I work with a range of different clients, from high performing athletes to every day people who want to live a pain free life. My hands on approach to recovery and training has allowed me to help hundreds of people in Auckland.

With over 15 years of experience in the industry i have pretty much tried it all when it comes to recovery. I have compiled a list of my “Top 5 tips” to help you improve your recovery from training but before we get into that i want you to understand this:

“Precover before you recover. Take a tip from Brandon Marcello: “Sleep and nutrition are NOT recovery, they’re Pre-Covery. If you don’t have good sleep and good, consistent nutrition, it doesn’t matter what recovery strategy you use. You won’t get much out of it.””

Alright, let’s get started!


Get a massage on steroids. Active Release Therapy is almost literally that. It’s a serious massage that’ll work your muscles back to their prime.


Go for a float. Set up a sesh in a sensory deprivation tank to give your mind and body a little recharge.


Strike a yoga pose. Try out Yin Yoga or ROMWOD (Range of Motion Workout of the Day) or GoWOD to get those deeeep stretches that target your connective tissues.


Up your foam rolling game. Try Gua Sha scraping with an ART practitioner. (I can do this aswell if you need)


Walk it out. Literally just go for a walk. And if you can, ditch your shoes and socks – some super sciency dudes say it’s better for recovery. It might be a lie, but I gotta say, getting your toes in the sand or the grass feels pretty damn relaxing.

And that’s a wrap. Feel better yet?