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Can you really develop sculpted Glutes and toned legs or is it just something the ”lucky” few are born with?

Glute focused training is a bit of a “thing” at the moment and everyone wants to build the “perfect”  bum and legs that they see holding up their favourite instagram influencer. With 100s of Glute workouts posted and sold daily surely everyone knows how to get “bum of their dreams”? Despite all the available advice this isn’t the case and contrary to what you may of seen all over your news feed, doing bodyweight squats and crab walking your way around the gym with a band around your knees isn’t the best way to achieve your goal.

Like any muscle, the Glutes require adequate stimulus to cause adaption. That adequate stimulus is best generated through a progressively overloading weight training program. Sounds scary right? 

Simply put, you need to put your muscles under enough stress to cause them to adapt and grow. Focusing on exercises that allow you to move a decent amount of weight and take your muscles through a full range of motion is the best use of your time in the gym and gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals in the shortest period of time.

By Using a combination of relatively compound movements and Glute isolation exercises you are giving yourself the best shot and having ASSthetic body. 

The best program in the world is one that was made for YOU and YOUR goals. That said, here is a full body program that has a focus on Glutes to give a try.