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People think because they’re eating Greek yoghurt with chia seeds, or avocado on wholegrain toast, they will AUTOMATICALLY become healthy.

Yep those foods are ‘healthy’.

But do you know what’s even healthier?

Being lean!

If you’re struggling with your weight, your first priority for health should be to lose weight.

Yep, you can probably guess what’s coming next – this means eating LESS calories than you’re burning (AKA creating a deficit of calories).

Your body needs to get the calories from somewhere, so when you create a calorie deficit, it’s going to burn your body fat to get the remaining calories.

Remember, calories come from all foods, even ‘healthy’ foods.

So if you’re not losing weight and think you’re eating well, you need to think whether you’re actually creating a caloric deficit.

Article Written by Tomfit Trainer Toby Johnson