Code name: NAT

Phone number: 0211582613


Favourite 3 movies:

 Dirty Dancing, Annie & Girls trip


Favourite Music:

Old school Hip Hop and RnB


Favourite Sport:

Powerlifting & League.


Favourite Food:




 Level 4 & 5 Certificate in fitness & Certificate in Modern pregnancy,modern post natal exercise function


Favourite form of training:

Powerlifting, Boxing, HIIT


Specialise in:

Creating strong and powerful women through powerlifting and strength training, providing a safe space for them to be their authentic selves. With 4 years in training myself in the Powerlifting sport and taking out 3 National Records and coming 1st place in my division at the NZ Nationals in 2022, I will empower, encourage and lead you through my program to get results and get you comp ready!


Promise to you:

I promise to lead you to be the best version of yourself, through education & inspiration. I will invest my time and knowledge into you with a promise to yourself that you will do the same! My passion for helping you is like no other and I will help you  feel empowered, strong and confident through your journey with a focus on not just the strength of what your body can achieve but your mind also. I will teach you how to apply simple tools that will teach you the art of discipline and putting in place systems to ensure that your new health and wellness journey can become a consistent habit. More importantly, we will take this journey together. Side by side.



Our mission is to treat you like we would our best friend and help you achieve amazing results.