Code name: LIAM 

Phone number: 0211249747


Favourite 3 movies:

Warrior, Hoop Dreams, TT3D: Closer to the Edge.


Favourite Music:

A big mix from Prodigy and Fatboy Slim to Guns & Roses and 2Pac.


Favourite Sport:

Trail Running, Obstacle course racing (OCR), Adventure Racing and Martial Arts.


Favourite Food:

I love some good BBQ, nachos, Japanese & Mexican.



Max Fitnesses & Business Diploma, Personal Training Certificate, Gravity Suspension Certified, Zuu Certified.


Favourite form of training:

Calisthenics & Trail running.


Favourite away from the gym activity:

Building motorbikes.


Favourite quote:

“Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out with purpose and grab it with both hands!”


Specialise in:

I specialise in creating epic humans through adaptable fitness –  strong, lean and fit bodies that are capable of tackling all of life’s physical adventures.


Promise to you:

With Purpose, the right programme and support, you can achieve amazing things with your health & fitness. i’ve used my extensive experience as a fitness coach, personal trainer, competitive runner and ocr racer to create a variety of programme options to help as many people as i can live a life full of adventure. If you start your journey with me, I will give you that support, help you define that purpose and let you achieve your desired results.   

Liam Tomfit


Our mission is to treat you like we would our best friend and help you achieve amazing results.