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Favourite 3 movies:

Forrest Gump , 23, Shutter Island.

Favourite Music:

Classical, Hip Hop & Dubstep.

Favourite Sport:

Cricket, Squash, Badminton.

Favourite Food:



Bachelor & Grad Dip Of Computing, Diploma Of Business and Fitness.

Favourite form of training:

Mobility and Functional Strength Training.

Favourite away from the gym activity: 

In a deserted spot.

Favourite quote:

” Your mind does EXACTLY what it thinks you want it to do. If you’re not getting the results you want, there’s a problem in the message that it’s getting from you. Be careful with the self talk ”  – GR

Specialise in:

Reading the body language of clients and providing them with lifelong everyday habits. 

– 67 years old client with knee replacements can now take her bin up the steep driveway without any pain. 

– 57 years old client with frozen shoulder can now enjoy his favourite paddle boarding.

– 49 years old client with lower back surgery fell in love with rowing again after many years.

– 44 years old client with shady back and shoulders won silver medal in NZ Masters Shot Put event in March 2019.

We didn’t have these goals at the start, we happened to make them along the way.

Promise to you:

Our aim would be to be able to perform basic human movements first which is as simple as Push, Pull & Legs. 

Gagan Tomfit


Our mission is to treat you like we would our best friend and help you achieve amazing results.